English KS4

At Key Stage 4 in English the students take two GCSEs: English language and English literature. There are currently four examinations in total. To prepare for GCSE English Language, each student is taught a range of fiction and non-fiction reading and writing skills for different purposes and audiences. Students also focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation. To prepare for the English Literature GCSE they study a range of topics such as: a Shakespeare play, a nineteenth century novel, a modern play and a range of poems spanning several centuries. Pupils also practice their speaking and listening skills by working in pairs and small groups and are expected to deliver a presentation based on a topic of their choice.

English GCE A level

English Language

English Language is one of the most challenging, but also one of the most fascinating subjects on offer, respected by universities and employers alike. In this course, students look at how language is used by different people in a variety of situations and texts.

The course allows students to develop their ability to express themselves both in speech and writing with increasing competence and sophistication.

English Literature

English literature is considered to be an enabling A level which is recognised by universities as one of the most challenging subjects on offer,  English literature students will learn to appreciate the vital importance of writers and their world.

In this course students study the techniques used by writers in a variety of poetry, prose and drama texts. The course develops students as informed, independent readers and critics of literary texts by exposing them to a wide range of different texts.

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