Media / Film Studies

Media / Film Studies

Media Studies

In the 21st Century we are surrounded by the media and heavily influenced by it. Courses in Media Studies help pupils to see how much impact the media has on audiences and how influential and persuasive it is across several platforms. Although media is a standalone subject at GCSE it is introduced throughout KS3 English.

At Key Stage 4, Eckington School offer GCSE Media Studies. Pupils have the opportunity to look in detail at different aspects of the media and develop skills to help them analyse it. The course is creative and practical and pupils might design their own newspaper, make their own music video or produce their own short film depending on the skills they are asked to demonstrate in their coursework equivalent.

Media has two very distinct sections – a written analysis section and a production section. Media has a practical element however the focus is mainly on the analysis and evaluation of media texts. The platforms we study are:

  • Advertising
  • Music videos
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • TV
  • Film Industries
  • Radio

GCSE Media
Exam Board:AQA
Specification: 8572

Film Studies

At GCE AS/A2 students can opt to study Film Studies. The course is designed to deepen students understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film. Students study film form, including Hollywood, global and British cinema. They also have the opportunity to script or create their own films.

AS/A2 Film Studies
Exam Board:WJEC
Specification: A level 603/1147/2

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