Year 11 Exam Readiness

Year 11 Exam Readiness

Preparing for GCSEs in Year 11

Welcome to the Year 11 Exam Readiness page.

Here you will find a collection of presentations and resources to help you support your child as they prepare for this summer’s GCSE assessments.

Our key message is that it now is the time to begin revision.

You can support your child with these few simple steps:

  • Use the revision planning timetable to help them create a revision plan for the coming weeks and months.
  • Make sure they have a quiet place to study with all the equipment they need. If this is not possible at home, you should encourage your child to attend Period 6 sessions from 3:30-4:00 each night at school.
  • Once they have started to revise, ask them about it regularly. Make sure they are being active in their studies, rather than just passively reading through exercise books or revision guides. An effective session of revision should end with something being produced – exam answers, concise notes, mind maps.
  • Support your child to stick to the revision schedule and develop the habit of revising.
  • Make sure your child has planned breaks and time away from revision – to relax, exercise and see family and friends.
  • Please get in touch with the Leader of Student Development for Year 11 or your child’s subject teachers if there is anything you need from us.
  • And remember, we have a weekly drop in session, every Wednesday lunchtime, aimed at coping with exam stress, worry and anxiety. Ask Mr Horsfield or Miss Wood for more information.

Year 11 Exam Readiness Presentation

Simple Steps to Effective Revision

Weekly Revision Timetable

PiXL Revisit Handbook_A Collection of Revision Resources for All Subjects

English Language Exam Readiness Presentation

English Literature Exam Readiness Presentation

Mathematics Exam Readiness Presentation

Science Exam Readiness Presentation 1

Science Exam Readiness Presentation 2 

Simple Strategies for Coping with Exam Stress

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