Mandela House

Mandela House

Iā€™m Mrs Mabbs and I’m proud to be the Head of Mandela House. Our inspirational figure is, of course, Nelson Mandela, who sadly died in December 2013. Having successfully fought oppression and inequality, Mandela symbolises fairness, respect and determination. These qualities are important to our House and to all of us at Eckington School.

I believe that that the House system can bring together students from all year groups and social circles, in the spirit of fun and competition. Over the next year I would like to see every member of Mandela House taking part in at least one event or House activity.

Working with me are my 6th form House Captains. They are enthusiastic about helping to plan and promote events. They will be encouraging you to take part in activities and bring success to Mandela House. If there are no House activities that appeal to you, please tell me, so that we can try to plan something that will grab your interest.

We need you to be proud to be red; proud to be in Mandela. Participate in events and support everyone else in Mandela!

I look forward to leading Mandela House to victory!


“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

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