Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is crucial in ensuring that our students progress and achieve excellence.

Every year team has a Leader of Student Development and a Pastoral Support Assistant who leads the team of Form Tutors. Students are registered every morning with their Form Tutor and they are the first point of contact for all students. The Form Tutor is the first person students should contact in case of difficulties within school They will then help a student sort out an issue or ensure they can speak to someone who can help.

Our Home-School agreement outlines our expectations of students and the support we expect from parents/carers. The school agrees to strive to ensure that our students are respectful at all times and that they make good progress, both academically and in their personal development.

Assemblies focus on a range of topics around British values, mind-set, student voice, and student leadership. Morning guidance is a valuable time to reflect and ensure students are prepared for the day. Activities during morning guidance are linked to the year group and whole school events throughout the year.

Each student is given a new planner at the start of the academic year. This gives them a place to record progress, homework and key information. Students should ensure their planners are signed by a parent or carer once a week and checked by the form tutor.  This is a quick way for form tutors and parents to correspond, as short notes can be written in the planner.

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