Wellbeing for students

Wellbeing for students

Eckington School – Working together to support wellbeing

Wellbeing for students

What is wellbeing?

The term “wellbeing” can be used to describe our complete health, including our physical, mental and emotional health.  When we have good levels of wellbeing we feel that life is in balance and that we can generally cope well. We feel motivated and engaged and are able to show resilience and “bounce back” from life’s challenges.

Maintaining every day, regular routines wherever possible, such as, attending school and lessons whilst working towards managing your own mental health and wellbeing is key. Our school offers a range of services to help students develop positive mental health and wellbeing and support those experiencing mental health issues. The pastoral team support positive mental health and wellbeing across school.


Support is available from a number of areas within school:

  • Form Tutors and your Leader of Student Development and Pastoral Support Assistant are available to discuss any issues. Many things can cause a change in mental health including traumatic events (e.g. loss or separation, life changes, abuse, domestic violence or bullying).
  • Regular Assemblies which cover aspects of mental health and wellbeing.
  • Character Development staff will cover mental health and wellbeing in your lessons for Year 7-13.
  • Some Flexible Learning Days highlight how to look after wellbeing.
  • Mr Taylor, Safeguarding Officer offers support to students on wellbeing on a 1:1 or small group basis.
  • Our School Nurse and Counsellor are all in school on a regular basis to offer students support on wellbeing and mental health.  Your Pastoral Team can refer you.
  • Regular Wellbeing Surveys to ask you for your thoughts and ideas regarding wellbeing.
  • Email address – you can email wellbeing@eck.leap-mat.org.uk with any concerns regarding yourself or others, or with ideas to support / improve wellbeing in school.
  • Mrs Price leads on mental health and wellbeing across school and is always keen to support in any way possible.






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