Year 11 Project Futures

Year 11 Project Futures


The Project Futures programme is designed to help Year 11 students plan for their future and give them a focus during the time they have away from school.

What it is:

  • A set of progression sheets that help students study some content ready for post-16 or post-18.
  • A balance between academic material and a focus on helping students adjust and prepare for September
  • A simple way of giving students focus and tracking what they have done.

How it works:

  • Students select a progression sheet that interests them and choose tasks to complete. For each progression sheet, they should aim to score 100 points. Each activity comes with a number of points.
  • There are subject specific sheets and wider skills sheets focusing on social and emotional progression. Students should aim to complete a progression sheet for an academic area that interests them, but also aim to complete two or three academic, social or emotional progression grids.
  • Students complete the ‘Progression Log’, which logs what they have learned and their next steps.
  • Students create a portfolio (online or in a folder) which shows some of their thinking and work.

Who it’s for:

  • Year 11 who are about to go into post-16 courses – there are progression sheets by groups of subjects, as well as academic, social and emotional grids.


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